ZipLens Branding & Marketing

ZipLens Branding & Marketing

Meet ZIPLENS a company specialized in delivering eye lenses all over the US. For this brand, our mission was to create and develop the brands identity, character and messaging.

We aimed to communicate the brands story through their icon and colors. The icon perfectly illustrates Ziplens quick delivery of eye lenses. We were able to depict an eye for the lenses aspect while integrating the super quick element in the form of an illustration. Being in the eye care industry, blue was the obvious color choice. The shade we used combined with the white gave the brand a soothing yet corporate look.




  • Brand Design

  • Packaging Design

  • Marketing Campaign

The Print Campaign

We created print ads with bold copy, colors and illustrations that reflect the company’s products and services. Our team developed a character that personified the functions of Ziplens. We showed the character in different situations in the comfort of their home easily ordering a new pair of lenses.