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We’re Media OTG, a full-service marketing agency founded in 2006 with one mission: to catapult brands to the apex of the industry.

And to build brands with authoritative power, we use a simple method: For the people, by the people. Our strategic team combines passion and grit to build, grow and transform brands that resonate with people and at their core, are rooted in robust strategy, startling innovation, and enduring influence.


Combining top talent and strategic innovation has led us to build the sterling-quality services that our clients expect from us. From start to finish, we embrace your brand and inundate you with work that transcends.

Strategic Planning

It all begins with a calculated strategy where we map out your brand’s trajectory toward rapid success and plan its execution to the minute details.

Brand Identity

We solder the foundation of your brand with strategic identity, positioning, and advertising that leverages market research and unbridled creativity.

Packaging Design

From new products to recognized favorites, we offer packaging development to present your products with innovative structure, dielines, and design.

Web design

Attractive design and strategic copy create a trustworthy website and set a launching pad for garnering consumer interest, conversion, and sales.

Web Development

All the backend bits and pieces that involve getting your website engines running, including programming, publishing, SEO management, and maintenance.

Graphic Design

We sketch and design your marketing materials with the sole purpose of capturing public interest and endearing them to your brand.

Marketing + Advertising

Our team creates an innovative marketing plan that highlights your brand strengths and reaches your audience exactly where they are.

Public Relations

Our PR team handles your brand’s public relations and events with compelling brand imaging, media interest, and event execution.

Digital Marketing

We create a digital platform for your brand with a focus on global reach and infinite conversions

Social Media Management

We build your brand’s presence on social media with consistent posts, engaging stories, and unique experiences.

Advanced Targeted Advertising

Our social media strategists create a custom social media marketing plan for your brand that optimizes your advertising budget and targets your ideal customer.

Influencer Marketing

Likes. Engagement. Action. We facilitate brand partnerships with influencers, connecting your brand to a global, highly engaged audience.

Media Planning and Buying

Our media team is closely connected with critical media platforms to negotiate prime placement for your print and social ads.

Content Production

Our versatile team includes videographers, photographers, content creators, and all studio equipment necessary to produce show-stopping content.


A brand’s staying power is only as strong as its name. Our team creates brand names that radiate authority and launch influential brands.