The Leiters Website

The Leiters Website

For the first time ever, we made available a revolutionary and innovative new software that allows customers to build and purchase their Sukkah online. With the new state-of-the-art Sukkah Builder, Leiter’s customers can now design, build and customize their Sukkah down to the windows, doors, materials, and Schach with just a few clicks.

The website was built for a next-level user experience that gives customers the ability to purchase standard-sized Sukkahs or design, build and customize their Sukkahs from scratch. With bold and vibrant colors and copy, the new website lends itself to an easy-to-navigate and satisfying user experience.

See a quick preview below.


Leiters Sukkah


  • UI/UX

  • Content Production

  • Web Development

  • System Programming

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