Stern’s Bakery

Stern’s Bakery

Shedding the old, embracing the bold.

In the ever-evolving world of brands, Sterns Bakery recognized the need for a transformation. Outdated design elements were gracefully ushered into retirement. Gradients, once in vogue but now relics of the past, made their exit. The tagline, once tired and worn, was rejuvenated with a fresh and modern sensibility. Oversized wheat details, though nostalgic, found their place in the annals of history.


Stern's Bakery


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Our first step was to bid farewell to outdated design elements that had served their time. Gradients, once in vogue but now a relic of the past, were gracefully retired. The tagline design, which had grown tired and worn, was rejuvenated with a modern sensibility. Oversized wheat details, while nostalgic, found their place in the annals of history.

The essence of Stern’s Bakery, however, remained unwavering. We retained the heart and soul of the brand by refining rather than reinventing. The font was simplified, balancing contemporary elegance and timeless tradition. The tagline was rendered more concise and engaging, resonating with a modern audience while paying homage to the bakery’s enduring legacy.

A contemporary touch was introduced with a new wheat detail, meticulously crafted to evoke the spirit of freshness and abundance. It seamlessly integrated into the revamped design, symbolizing Stern’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

The packaging also underwent a transformation to embody the new vision. It featured clean lines and sharper details executed with precision, making each pastry box irresistible to open.

In this grand transformation, Sterns Bakery did not just rebrand; it forged a bridge between its storied past and vibrant future.

The Perfect Week Takes The Cake.

This campaign celebrated the transformative power of good food, turning everyday moments into sweet interludes in life. Stern’s pastries-to-go became the secret ingredient for better moods, sweeter moments, and more playful breaks.

Artfully arranged to spell out the days of the week, Sterns irresistible, flaky, soft, and sweet delights took center stage. Because every day deserves a mouthwatering treat, a single delectable bite can turn your day around.

Wherever wheels go, we follow: A companion for your adventure.

This campaign wasn’t about listing countless reasons why Stern’s individually packaged family-pack cakes make the perfect snack for your adventures. Our aim wasn’t to persuade you of their mess-free convenience, the joy of pre-packaging, or their delightful munchability. We assumed you already knew that. Instead, we showed you. That’s how powerful they are.

Our goal was to demonstrate that Sterns Pastries-to-Go is your trusty sidekick, whether you’re exploring the zoo, braving the King Da Ka roller coaster, ferrying across waters, cycling through Prospect Park, or embarking on a journey to Niagara Falls.

Wherever your wanderlust takes you, Pastry-to-Go will be your delightful companion.