Leiter’s Sukkah

Leiter’s Sukkah

Different strokes for different folks, but only one Sukkah for all.

Leiter’s is your top pick for a top-rated, customizable, durable, and high-quality Sukkah center.


Leiter's Sukkah


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Our ad campaign highlights the numerous ways to enhance, enjoy, and decorate Sukkos.

The heart of Sukkos beats within the walls of a Leiter’s Sukkah. While the holiday itself allows for diverse interpretations and celebrations, the vessel that holds its spirit is unequivocal – a Leiter’s Sukkah, the very epitome of excellence.

We bring their unique selling point to the forefront, as the oldest and most trusted name in the industry. It’s not just a sukkah; it’s a Leiters.