Man, you have good energy.

At Coolmate, they don’t just quench your thirst; it infuses life with vibrancy and energy. With their innovative electrolyte water enhancers, we embarked on a creative journey to transform mundane moments into extraordinary experiences. 




  • Creative Direction

  • Campaigns

  • Digital Experience

  • Social Media

  • Custom Illustration

  • Print Design

We’ve painted the town in shades of energy.

Our journey began with a vision – to revolutionize the way people experience hydration. We didn’t just showcase a product; we crafted a lifestyle. 

Custom illustration. Artistry in every drop.

In a world of digital noise, we believe in the power of tangibility. Our team created a campaign that you could touch, feel, and remember. It’s about making an imprint on your senses.

Sip in color: A taste of the extraordinary.

Coolmate isn’t just a drink; it’s a lifestyle. We’re not just quenching thirst; we’re igniting spirits. From mundane to magical. 

It’s about becoming your best buddy with an infectious energy that could power a dance floor. So, sip in color and join the ranks of those who know what it means to have good energy.