Complete Quinoa Cookies

Complete Quinoa Cookies

Think healthy, think tasty – think Complete. Complete was started with a vision to change the landscape of Kosher snacks. Using wholesome natural ingredients, Complete snacks are nourishing and healthy – without compromising on the flavor.

Our team conceptualized, developed, and designed the brand identity, packaging, character, and message.


Complete Natural Food


  • Branding

  • Packaging Design

  • Brand Material

We created an upscale and unique logo. The handwritten font invites you in with the warmth and tells the story of a custom brand that created products tailored especially for you.

The type is gentle and pleasant, lending a lighthearted vibe. Interconnected letters and a definitive underline represent the concept of mind-body health.

The packaging highlights the healthy nature of the food products, giving an organic feel that reflects the mission of the brand. We went for a clear and clean look with the product prominently displayed, which gives the consumer a clear idea of what they are purchasing with just one look.