The Grove Hub

Client: The Grove
Mission: Branding
Goal: To improve the brand’s corporate and modern feel while incorporating the original brand identity.

The Grove is a premium office location giving companies an elite and luxurious space to conduct their business. We used a thematic Green color scheme to represent The Grove as a place of growing, development, and progression. The tag line “A Business Hub” was added to the brand to add to this idea of progress and advancement.

Branding a company from scratch is a challenge, but some designers might admit that branding a company from an existing identity is even more challenging. Our mission was to improve the brand’s look and feel while simultaneously preserving the original identity.



We used cutting-edge technology to create a website that was not only visually beautiful but also has a satisfying user experience. We incorporated the brand colors and elements and created an informational and interactive website with an aesthetically pleasing user experience.

Visit the website: