Techloq is a computer filter company designed to upgrade the clean internet browsing experience. Ahuva took their vision and communicated it with clear, linear design.

Senior designer, Ahuva Hoberman is not just great energy, she’s a marketing genius. She created this advertising campaign that appeared everywhere — from magazines to bus stops.

A logo is made up of many subtle details. With Techloq, our talented Shevy Gerdts tweaked their logo just enough to freshen it up while maintaining their brand identity. At first glance, the before and after may seem completely identical. You will notice the words are slightly closer together and the Q line has been straightened. Encompassing it all to one clean shape allows the eye to relax and gives it a cleaner and more modern look.

While print may work for a certain segment of their audience, adapting it to digital expands our scope and ensures that our message is communicated on all avenues.