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The Challenge

One of our clients, a prominent kosher health brand, found themselves in a stagnant position. They aspired to further penetrate their present target market, in addition to developing their presence in new market segments.

The Solution

To achieve these goals, we conceived the idea of creating a health magazine, uniquely targeted towards the kosher health industry. The publication was appropriately titled The Wellspring. The magazine was developed with the intention of increasing education around health-related topics, which would in turn inspire the classic kosher consumer to purchase kosher health products. The Wellspring magazine provided an ideal outlet for interacting with the desired target audience.

The Result

The Wellspring was successfully launched in February of 2016, and has been incredibly well received by the desired target market. The content covers an array of health-related topics, fun activities and advertisements relevant to the health industry. One year on, The Wellspring has become a widely read Jewish health magazine, and assisted our client in achieving their goal of widening their consumer-base.

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