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The Challenge

Tuscanini is a revolutionary new brand in the kosher food industry, offering authentic, handmade Italian frozen pizzas. Tuscanini faced the challenge of how best to position themselves as a superior brand in the frozen food market, and transform the image of frozen pizza in the minds of consumers from one of an easy somewhat satisfactory dinner to a superior and authentic Italian dining experience.

The Solution

We developed a multi-channel communications campaign to achieve this goal. We built a solid online presence for Tuscanini to generate brand awareness and educate consumers about the authenticity and superior quality of the brand's products. Simultaneously, we launched a unified print campaign, public relations effort and outdoor advertising.

The Result

Tuscanini has achieved strong brand recognition in a fairly limited period of time, and is steadily gaining market share in the kosher frozen pizza industry. Further, Tuscanini has successfully been positioned as a high quality, gourmet, authentic Italian pizza brand.

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