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The Challenge

Prigat maintained a solid position as market leader in the Israeli beverage industry. However, they faced the dilemma of how to successfully penetrate the U.S. kosher beverage industry. To gain leverage in the strictly kosher market, Prigat attained supervision of a respected kashrus authority, and needed a strategy surrounding building awareness, and positioning Prigat as not only a refreshingly delicious beverage, but one with a top kosher standard.

The Solution

We developed a strategy to introduce Prigat into the kosher market with a mighty bang, and generate intense noise swiftly. The aim was to ensure no one could miss the message that Prigat had joined the beverage party and was readily available in the U.S. The campaign was titled, 'Shehechiyanu,' an original take on informing consumers of the new hechshar.

The Result

The campaign was extremely successful. Prigat experienced a significant boost in sales, and achieved strong brand recognition throughout their desired target market. Prigat remains one of the best-selling beverages in the kosher market.