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The Challenge

Leiter's Sukkah is a well-recognized, exclusive sukkah brand, that has been a stalwart in the sukkah industry for many years. The brand was however, experiencing intense competition from lesser quality, smaller companies, and consumers were beginning to perceive their products as overpriced and outdated. The challenge was to re-position Leiter's Sukkah as both a contemporary and timeless brand, through highlighting the quality of their products.

The Solution

We developed a strategy to strengthen Leiter's Sukkah's image as the sukkah of choice, and communicate to consumers their unwavering commitment to quality. We launched a campaign, 'there is a Sukkah, and there is a Leiter's Sukkah.' The campaign was implemented across multiple channels including print, online and radio.

The Result

The campaign was a smashing success across the board. Brand awareness expanded ten-fold, and consumers experienced Leiter's Sukkah in a new light, as a brand worthy of their attention.

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