Amber Court

Meet Amber Court Assisted Living, Amber Court is a chain of Assisted Living Communities in New York and New Jersey.

Mission: Create, develop, and design a new website and brochures for each location, as well a create and manage a social media presence for all their locations.

For each location, we created a magnificent brochure to showcase the amenities and services of the communities. We used bold and compelling photography, against a clean and linear backdrop.

We created a modern and beautiful website with vibrant images, icons, and clear copy. Using UI/UX design, we gave the website an enjoyable and gratifying user experience. We also created a 360 digital marketing strategy for the Amber Court communities using email, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We made a central page for the corporate headquarters, as well as subpages for each individual community. We also set up an ad campaign strategy to generate new leads and increase exposure.

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